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Adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle so that you can look and feel your best.

Personal Training

We'll help you develop a routine that makes
sence and is realistic for you

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Group Training

Camaraderie and support from individuals
who are on the same fitness level

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Corporate Fitness

Corporate fitness programs save businesses millions of dollars a year


Nutrition Counseling

Create healthy eating habits that you can
use for the rest of your life


Delaware Personal Trainers

Welcome to Unique Personal Training! Our vision is changing people’s lives by helping them to adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle so that they can look and feel their best at all times.

Eric’s encouragement fueled me to do more

My experience with Eric has been a blessing; I started training with Eric, as part of rehab for my back from a car accident.  He took the time to talk with me to find out what my needs were and developed a plan to strengthen my core. It wasn’t easy but Eric’s encouragement helped me along, and fueled me to want to do more.  In a short time, I am more aware of the changes in my body and crave more. I look forward to future training with Eric and encourage others to take advantage of a personal trainer that is committed to giving his all to his clients.

There is No Substitute for Hard Work