About Us

With several years of experience as a football player at a Division 1 school, I know what it takes to reach your fitness and athletic goals. I’m no stranger to the sports industry, having spent many years as a football player, coach and fitness trainer all of which taught me the importance of hard work. After a successful athletic career, I was determined to pass on the knowledge that I’ve gained to improve the lives of individuals desiring change.

I pride myself on helping individuals set and obtaining realistic goals and reaching their fullest potential.

I’m currently certified through ISSA as a Fitness Trainer and a Sports Nutritionist. My style of personal training increase the full body strength of each individual while enhancing the conditioning level specific to the clients’ personal goals. I’m a big believer in performing at your best at all times, as well as giving my clients the encouragement and support that they need.

Eric Fenwick

Delaware Fitness Trainer & Founder

Delaware Personal Trainer

There is No Substitute for Hard Work