Baseball & Softball Strength & Conditioning Program

Baseball & Softball Strength & Conditioning Program

Unique Personal Training

12 Week Baseball & Softball

Strength & Conditioning Program


  • All training sessions will take place at Unique Personal Training in Wilmington, Delaware
  • All sessions are one-hour long
  • Individual sessions are $60.00
  • Small Group rate available groups of 2-6 athletes $40.00 per person, per session
  • Each individual will individual will receive an initial Assessment and Evaluation
    • The evaluation will consist of a functional movement screen to assess muscle imbalances and inefficient movement patterns.
    • Assessing movement patterns in athletes is the best way to enhance performance development.
    • This assessment will allow me to observe and prepare proper programing for each individual athlete.
    • The athlete will also be tested in the squat, bench, deadlift and pullups.
  • The results of these lifts along with the movement screen will allow me to:
    • Develop a program that will address all of the athletes’ strength and conditioning needs
    • Build a baseline level of total strength to create a foundation for future athletic development
  • Program Focus will be on:
    • Good form and technique for all lifts and movements
    • Core and hip stability to increase muscular power output, which will result in an increase in bat speed
    • Improved scapular development and strengthening to increase throwing velocity


Unique Personal Training
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