What Colleges Coaches Are Looking For In Female Athletes…

I reached out to a few of my colleagues who are strength and conditioning coaches at major college programs around the country. I asked them, what is it that they look for when recruiting female athletes entering their programs. Majority of the coaches said it’s not about how much weight these young ladies can lift, pull, or carry. They’re more concerned about them being fit, mobile, and to have a solid level of conditioning. Of course, if she has participated in a strength and conditioning program prior to entering college, her chances of being able to participate sooner and compete on that level will be increased. As far strength training is concerned coaches would like to see their athletes be able to perform some of the basic strength movements such as, front/back squats, dead lifts, bench presses, and pullups. Being able to do these movements and doing them with good form and as well as going through a full range of motion is very important. Once an athlete is capable of performing these movements correctly, then and only then will weight be added to the movement. Some of the coaches have also expressed concern about the athletes having some level of base conditioning. Prior to entering college, they should have participated in some type of speed, change of direction and plyometric program. The last thing any athlete wants to do is to show up for training camp and not be in shape.

Baseball & Softball Strength & Conditioning Program

Unique Personal Training 12 Week Baseball & Softball Strength & Conditioning Program All training sessions will take place at Unique Personal Training in Wilmington, Delaware All sessions are one-hour long Individual sessions are $60.00 Small Group rate available groups of 2-6 athletes $40.00 per person, per session Each individual will individual will receive an initial Assessment and Evaluation The evaluation will consist of a functional movement screen to assess muscle imbalances and inefficient movement patterns. Assessing movement patterns in athletes is the best way to enhance performance development. This assessment will allow me to observe and prepare proper programing for each individual athlete. The athlete will also be tested in the squat, bench, deadlift and pullups. The results of these lifts along with the movement screen will allow me to: Develop a program that will address all of the athletes’ strength and conditioning needs Build a baseline level of total strength to create a foundation for future athletic development Program Focus will be on: Good form and technique for all lifts and movements Core and hip stability to increase muscular power output, which will result in an increase in bat speed Improved scapular development and strengthening to increase throwing velocity   Unique Personal Training 3300 Concord Pike-Suite #7 Wilmington, DE 19803 (302) 494-9261

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